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Status report

Введение в суть происходящего в трёх словах: //
Страница, где сообщество общими усилиями анализирует доказательство: //

Результаты экспертного сообщества по анализу (P ≠ NP)-доказательству Деолаликара на данный момент по мнению Ричарда Липтона написал Терри Тао:
“I think there are several levels to the basic question “Is the proof correct?”:
  1. Does Deolalikar’s proof, after only minor changes, give a proof that P != NP?

  2. Does Deolalikar’s proof, after major changes, give a proof that P != NP?

  3. Does the general proof strategy of Deolalikar (exploiting independence properties in random k-SAT or similar structures) have any hope at all of establishing non-trivial complexity separation results?
After all the collective efforts seen here and elsewhere, it now appears (though it is perhaps still not absolutely definitive) that the answer to #1 is “No” (as seen for instance in the issues documented in the wiki), and the best answer to #2 we currently have is “Probably not, unless substantial new ideas are added”. But I think the question #3 is still not completely resolved, and still worth pursuing (though not at the hectic internet speed of the last few days).”

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    Традиционный деньрожденный пост. Год выдался необычный. :)

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