Alexander Kuklev (akuklev) wrote,
Alexander Kuklev

Ω : Set -> Set

Various axiomatizations of type theories variously deal with sum types. For one, you can define the type _+_ : (Type, Type) -> Type where
  injr: {A: Type, B: Type} -> A -> (A + B)
  injr: {A: Type, B: Type} -> B -> (A + B)
axiomatically. Or you can define the enumerations and say that sums are dependent pairs:
  A + B = (head: {'left, 'right}) * (value: {'left => A | 'right => B}).

One other elegant option is axiomatic introduction of the Maybe type with constructors
  val a
and its eliminator (default | value => result). It's a very nice solution because you can define lots of useful types a'la carte:

  Nat = Maybe Rec[Nat]
  List (A: Type) = Maybe (A, Rec [List A])
  BTree A = Maybe(A, Rec [BTree A], Rec [BTree A])

  Fin (n: Nat) = (() | prevN => Maybe (Fin prevN))
  Vec (A: Type) (l: Nat) = (() | prevL => (A, (Vec A prevL)))

Note how short and natural primitive recursion looks in this setting:
  add (a: Nat) (b: Nat) = (a || prevB => add (val a) prevB)
  mul (a: Nat) (b: Nat) = (nil || prevB => add a (mul (val a) prevB))

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